Shane Lohman - President

Shane is a craft beer lover and has been since he was legally allowed to drink. Having owned and operated a retail and tavern servicing distributor for five years, Shane knows the local craft beer market extremely well. After becoming frustrated with the way that so many great craft breweries were getting lost in the shuffle, he knew that there was a better way to sell and distribute craft beer in Western Pennsylvania.

Joe Hoffman - Warehouse Manager

Joe started with Steel City in the early days of our existence as a delivery driver. After working his way up to head driver, Joe was put in charge of running our warehouse. Handling everything from incoming beer shipments, outgoing deliveries and making sure that beer is properly stored and rotated, Joe is the motor that keeps Steel City running on a day to day basis.

Kelaen Welch - Sales Manager

Kelaen started with Steel City in early 2020 as a sales representative. Through his commitment to helping the company grow, as well as developing relationships with our suppliers and customers, Kelaen worked his way up to become sales manager. Heading our day to day operations on all things sales and breweries, Kelaen is there person that keeps great beer coming and going in Western PA.

Craft Beer Wholesale

Our Executive Team

More than just a wholesaler who sells craft beer, craft beer is the driving force behind everything that we do. Our goal is to show that there is a better way to share, experience and grow the incredible experience that is craft beer. We show our commitment to craft beer through the way we store, handle and deliver the beer. Matching the right beer into the right accounts is a priority. We are more than just a wholesaler. We are as dedicated to the beer as the people who brew it, and the people who enjoy it.